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What our clients say about our Frankfurt tax office

Jacobus Binnema
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Coming from the Netherlands I worked a number of years in Germany. Anwaltskanzlei El Ouali is highly recommended. Very nice people. Highly professional. Tailored service. They listen well. My tax statements were perfectly managed by this firm.
Andra Stoian
Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, Professionalität, Qualität, Reaktionsschnelligkeit bei Anfragen
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Ms. El Ouali has been of most professional and kind help to both me and my husband, for our income tax and VAT submissions. She is very good in listening the situation a client has, and offers a very clear and professional guidance, which in our case was all carried in perfect English. Our taxes were solved and received swiftly. Highly recommended, as we use Ms. El Ouali services now for few years since we live and work in Frankfurt.
Boufen Amine
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I highly recommend them for English/German speakers!

|The follow up, their commitment and their support are just perfect

5 stars deserved!
Nuno Camboa
Professionalität, Reaktionsschnelligkeit bei Anfragen
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I moved to Germany for work, but I don't speak any German yet. Because of that, taking care of my tax returns seemed a nightmare task. Fortunately discovered Frau El Ouali, who is a fantastic tax advisor. She speaks great English and takes the time to understand your situation and get you the best return possible.

Highly recommend.

Make an appointment now and get your money back in

our Frankfurt tax office

Our aspiration is also our promise

Our profession is our vocation! Therefore we have a high standard for our work. We provide our services conscientiously, carefully and goal-oriented. We do our utmost to achieve the best tax result for you. In close cooperation with you, we prepare your income tax return with a high level of professional competence. 

By regularly attending advanced training courses, we are always up to date with the latest legal developments.

That is the standard we set for ourselves and, at the same time, we see it as our promise to you! The result is many satisfied clients with demonstrably high refund rates.

This is how our cooperation looks like:

  1. When contacting us by telephone, you will learn which items are essential to make your income tax return a success
  2. You receive a checklist by e-mail so that you always know which documents are required
  3. You submit all required documents digitally or in paper form
  4. You will receive transparent information about our fee and an order confirmation
  5. You grant us a power of attorney so that we can take action on your behalf
  6. You receive a forecast for the tax calculation
  7. We transmit your income tax return to the tax office
  8. We check the resulting tax assessment and file an appeal if necessary
  9. Finally, you will receive the correct tax assessment from us

100% risk-free income tax return

If you are not required to file a tax return, your income tax return will be transmitted to the tax office only if a refund is estimated. In case of non-submission and low effort, we do not charge any services.

In most cases, an income tax return is worthwhile
According to the Federal Statistical Office, submitting a tax return results in an average refund of over 800€.

Service components within the scope of our income tax returns

our Frankfurt tax office

Full commitment facing the tax office for the best possible results

We take our time for you, for individual advice & support

Appeal in the case of incorrect tax assessments

100% risk free income tax return

100% digitalized law firm with efficient processes

Transparent fee invoices with additional services without additional costs

Make an appointment now and get your money back in

our Frankfurt tax office

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You are obligated to file a tax return:

  • if you are required to file a return by the tax office,
  • in the case of wage replacement benefits, such as unemployment benefit, short-time working allowance, sick pay, parental allowance, bridging allowance etc.,
  • for spouses with tax class distribution III and V,
  • as a pensioner, as soon as the total amount of taxable income exceeds the basic tax-free amount

(in 2021 the basic tax-free amount is 9.744,00 €),

  • for income from renting,
  • for income from self-employment,
  • for income from abroad,

Even if you are not obliged to file an income tax return, it can be worthwhile to do so voluntarily. For example, many people have high income-related expenses because they have a long commute to work. Having actual travel expenses or a mileage allowance can result in a substantial refund.

If you are not sure whether you are required to file, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to hand in your income tax return voluntarily, you would have four years after the end of the year of assessment to do so.

If, on the other hand, you are required to file an income tax return, the deadline is July 31 of the following year. If you are represented for tax purposes, an extension of the deadline may be granted until December 31 of the following year.

If you were obliged by the tax office to submit the tax return, the tax office sets the deadline. In principle, an extension of the deadline is possible in justified cases.

Many items can be deducted to reduce tax.

For example, income-related expenses such as:

  • travel expenses,
  • costs for cleaning work clothes,
  • work-related moving expenses,
  • work-related double housekeeping,
  • a home office,
  • work-related laptop and cell phone,
  • further education and training,
  • meal allowances for working more than eight hours a day,
  • payments to professional associations or chambers or trade unions.

Handicraft costs or household-related services – several of which can already be found in the service charge statement for the apartment – can also be deducted.

Medical expenses, such as:

  • Medical treatments,
  • eyeglasses,
  • dentures,
  • medication,
  • travel expenses, e.g. to medical treatment or pharmacies,

can also be deducted as soon as they constitute an extraordinary burden.

In addition, there are also tax advantages from a degree of disability of 25.

Funeral expenses in the case of moral or legal obligation,

and childcare costs or school fees for children can have a positive effect on taxes.

And that’s not even all there is.

A personal appointment is generally not necessary, as everything can be clarified by phone or e-mail. However, if you are interested, a personal appointment can of course be offered or a conversation via Skype.

After your request, you will receive a checklist with the required documents and the deductible costs. This allows you to compile the documents comfortably at home and bring them to your appointment.

Otherwise, we will receive the documents from you by e-mail or mail. If necessary, we will ask questions after our initial review or ask for additional documents.

Now that effort and income are set, we are able to determine a fee and inform you about it.

We will send to you an order confirmation and a power of attorney, which you would need to sign and return to us. Subsequently, your income tax return will be finalized.

The tax return will then be sent to the tax office and you will receive the tax calculation forecast. In addition, you will receive a simplified checklist from us, tailored to your income and expenses, to make it easier for you to compile the documents in future years.

You will also receive our invoice and the processing is completed for the time being.

As soon as we receive the income tax assessment from the tax office, we review it and file an appeal if necessary. If we agree with the assessment, you will receive the original version for your records.

Finally, this is the procedure for every following year 😊

Do you have any further questions?

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail without any obligation.

Our reception team will be very happy to assist you!

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